b'CASE STUDYSUSTAINABLE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT:20%NEWOFF EFFECTIVE AND TRANSPARENT PROCUREMENT: STRATEGY, POLICY AND PRACTICE JAN-MAR COURSES GLOBAL BEST PRACTICE AND INNOVATION With the imminent target of Agenda 2030, governments and Create an SPP policy and strategy TRAINING FOR THE DEPARTMENT FOR organisations around the world are striving to nd new and innovative Plan and apply SPP approaches in your organisation ways of reaching their Sustainable Development Goals. This has led to Implement SPP throughout the procurement cycleINTERNATIONAL TRADE, BARBADOSa surge in interest in Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) as a means of ensuring that procurement policies and practices generateKEY TOPICS benets not only for the organisations involved, but also for the The case for SPP and how it differs from traditional public Each year billions of dollars worth of funding is invested into development projects in the countries in the Eastern Caribbean by International environment, society and the economy.procurementFinancial Institutions such as the Caribbean Development Bank, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and others, through publicHow SPP strategies can be used to support economic, social and procurement tenders.This comprehensive and step-by-step programme provides environmental goals practitioners with the tools and techniques to effectively plan and Planning and implementation of SPPIn March 2021, the Department for International Trade (DIT), Barbados, contracted Crown Agents to deliver a highly contextualised online implement sustainable approaches to public procurement. Legal frameworks for SPP and SPP policiestraining course to support Eastern Caribbean authorities to improve their procurement processes for contracting private sector entitiesDening sustainability requirements and use of ecolabelsresponsible for the delivery of Overseas Development Agency (ODA) funded projects.It rst considers the need for SPP, demonstrating how it differs from Evaluation under SPP traditional public procurement and providing examples of the Managing contracts with sustainability clauses development goals it can support. Delegates will explore how to plan and implement a SPP strategy, considering the context of their ownThis is week one of The Public Procurement Toolkit: Sustainability, organisation. Integrity and Value-for-Money.This programme also includes a focus on how SPP can beDURATION FEE DATE VENUEincorporated into the procurement cycle, from market analysis through to contract management. Different tools and resources are05 days2,49507 - 11 February 2022London explored, including ecolabels, lifecycle costing and use of non-price05 - 09 September 2022Londoncriteria.COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Promote the benets of SPP and dispel common mythsIdentify social, economic and environmental goals relevant to your procurement portfolio THE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT TOOLKIT: 20% SUSTAINABILITY, INTEGRITY AND OFF NEWJAN-MAR VALUE-FOR-MONEY COURSESThis two-week programme combines: COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Identify social, economic and environmental goals relevant toSustainable Public Procurement:05 daysyour procurement portfolioTHE PROJECT t their work commitments around the ve, half-day sessions. A Strategy, Policy and PracticeCreate an SPP policy and strategy This programme aimed to explore and share the latest global bestmixture of interactive activities, Q&A sessions and discussions meant Integrity and Value-for-Money in Public Procurement 05 days Plan and apply SPP approaches in your organisationpractice approaches, tools and techniques in procurement, and tothat they were able to fully engage with the training despite theImplement SPP throughout the procurement cycleaddress the procurement challenges in the region. In total, 63restriction of delivering the course virtually. This comprehensive and hands-on programme will equip you with the Develop systems for assessing and maximising value-for-moneydelegates involved in procurement processes from a range of skills to address urgent and strategic priorities in public procurement Design and implement a transparent and ethical procurement Government Departments and Regional Organisations attended theTHE IMPACTembedding sustainability, integrity and value for money into system focused on achieving best valueve-day digital programme. The course was well received by senior government representatives, procurement policy and practice. It will help you to maximise the Develop corruption mitigation strategies and controlswith Sherry-Ann Blackett, Country Lead/Senior Trade & Investment impact of budgets whilst meeting the environmental, social andThe training was split into two parts to cater for participants from twoOfficer, DIT Barbados, commenting: economic goals of your organisation and government.KEY TOPICSdistinct categories: those who worked in procurement on a temporaryExploring how SPP differs from traditional public procurementbasis or in a supporting role, and those where procurement formed theWeek one will provide procurement practitioners with the tools and The procurement workshop delivered byUnderstanding how SPP strategies can be used to support sole or a core part of their work.techniques to effectively plan and implement sustainable approachesCrown Agents was excellent, with the team to sustainable public procurement (SPP). Delegates will explore how to economic, social and environmental goalsDening legal frameworks for SPP and SPP policiesLed by our expert trainer, delegates in both sessions developed anproducing quality and bespoke training plan and implement a SPP strategy, considering the context of their Managing contracts with sustainability clausesunderstanding of how an effective and transparent procurement own organisation.Assessing and improving value-for-moneystrategy enables the successful implementation of projects. Throughmaterials for attendees while also delivering Developing leadership and communication skills to improve a detailed understanding of the challenges and bottlenecks leading tothe course content in a digestible and engaging Transparent, ethical and value-for-money procurement is also integrity in the workplaceineffective procurement processes and inefficiencies in the region, recognised as a vital tool to maximise the impact of budgets andmannerjob well done to the entire Crown achieve organisational goals. In week two, the focus will therefore be Vulnerability assessment and procurement risk managementdelegates were able to apply course learning to identify alternativeAgents team. on the tools needed to take a proactive lead in securing value-for-Understanding e-Procurements contribution to integrity and solutions that could support in resolving these bottlenecks.money and improving integrity across both the public and private value-for-moneysectors. Due to the challenges caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, this DURATION FEE DATE VENUE programme was delivered remotely over the Zoom platform. Crown 10 days 4,195 07 - 18 February 2022 LondonAgents exible training approach meant that delegates could easily 05 - 16 September 2022 London100e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 w: crownagents.com/training 101'