b'20%STRATEGIC HR: ALIGNING WITH THETRANSFORMING THE HR FUNCTION OFFJAN-MARCORPORATE VISIONCOURSESThe Human Resources Manager plays an essential role in allKEY TOPICSThis course is designed for senior HR Managers and Heads of HRChampion the change you want to see in your organisation organisations, working at the front line of people management and Challenges facing todays effective HR managerwho are responsible for delivering HR strategic plans that enable Return home with an outline strategic HR plan that supportsacting as the liaison between the staff and senior management. The Recruitment and selectionorganisations to achieve their objectives. It is also highly relevant for and aligns with overall organisational aims tasks involved in performing this function effectively are varied and Performance managementBoard Members who wish to gain a top-level understanding of HR and require a range of skills, experience and behaviours. Talent management and succession planningthe critical role this function plays.KEY TOPICSTraining and development Building business awareness: understanding the internal andThis one-week course delivers a focused overview of the key Handling complaints and disputesIt has a focus on how to work as a strategic business partner with the external context of the organisations objectives and strategy operational duties that need to be carried out by todays HR manager,business leaders, ensuring that HR strategies around key activities The HR strategy development framework including: recruitment and selection, performance and talentThis is week one of The Complete HR Professional Toolkit.such as recruitment, succession planning and staff development are Partnering with business leaders, executive teams and Boardsmanagement, succession planning, identifying training requirementsfully aligned with the overall corporate vision. Leadership skills, to create value and managing conict.DURATION FEE DATE VENUE emotional intelligence and understanding motivations are also Strategic resourcing and staff development to achieve yourexplored. strategic aims COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:05 days2,49514 - 18 February 2022London The impact of culture on business strategyUnderstand the need for metrics and data to support HR 01 - 05 August 2022 London Delegates will work through their real-life challenges and goals to Improving your leadership and emotional intelligence skills activity emerge with a clear outline strategic HR plan at the end of the 10 days.Understand the role and key tasks required of todays HR DURATION FEE DATE VENUE managerCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Manage the recruitment process to attract, assess, select andUnderstand internal and external impacts on business strategy 10 days 4,195 09 - 20 May 2022Miamiretain high quality candidates and objectives within the context of HR strategy10 - 21 October 2022Dubai Implement successful performance management programmes Improve the HR strategy development processSupport talent management strategies and produceUnderstand whats required of the strategic HR business succession plans partner in successfully supporting strategy executionCreate training plans based on evaluation of L&D requirements Deliver specic strategies on recruitment, retention, Be a support to staff, understanding motivations and commonsuccession planning and organisational learningcauses of dispute or conictLearn about David Ulrichs six core competencies required to become an effective HR professional SUCCESSION PLANNING, TALENT AND20%ORGANISATIONAL DESIGN AND 20% OFF OFFPERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT JAN-MARDEVELOPMENT JAN-MAR COURSES COURSESUnderstanding and promoting the behaviours and values associatedKEY TOPICSWe live in an ever-changing business environment, with disruption andCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: with your organisations future plans, and ensuring you have the staff Understanding current workforce strengths and weaknessesthe need for change coming from all sides. Todays senior HR Dene organisational design and how it is different towith the capability, capacity and potential to be future managers and Succession planningpractitioner needs to be fully aware of the critical role design and organisational development leaders is vital. Workforce planningdevelopment play in contributing to the success of the organisation.Understand how organisational design can help or hinder Talent management the achievement of strategy This course will equip you with the skills to proactively identify andPerformance managementOrganisation Design is the process of shaping an organisational Assist in identifying the most appropriate organisationalimplement a talent management and succession plan to assistCareer planning processesstructure to align it with the purpose of the business. A re-design can design methods to meet current challenges business performance, recruitment and retention. Delegates will also Learning and development plansbe triggered by the need to improve service delivery or specic Find the most appropriate organisational development model gain essential performance management skills which will improvebusiness processes, or as a result of a new mandate. Organisational Identify the top talent to drive change for the future performance in individuals and teams and nurture talent.This is week two and three of The Complete HR Professional Toolkit. Development is the comprehensive and systematic process aimed at Assist and plan effectively organisational developmentimproving the overall effectiveness of an organisation. It involves and re-design COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:intervening in its processes, structure and culture, with a strongCreate a comprehensive plan of human resources capabilities DURATION FEE DATE VENUE emphasis on organisational behaviour, human resource developmentKEY TOPICSand values10 days 4,195 21 February - 04 March 2022Londonand organisational change. Organisational design can be viewed as an Types of organisational structuresIdentify and analyse current levels of individual competenceorganisational development intervention and the two work hand-in-Approaches to organisational designImplement a talent development plan that improves and 08 - 19 August 2022Londonhand. Implementing organisational change effectivelyretains staff with potential28 November - 09 December 2022DubaiOrganisational Development modelsIdentify and strengthen the key attributes of the next But for any design and development project to succeed, the Putting Organisational Design and Development into practice generation of leadersorganisation must make its changes as effectively and painlessly asPlan and implement a cost-efficient succession planpossible and in a manner that aligns with its strategy, invigoratesImprove performance management proceduresemployees, builds distinctive capabilities, and makes it easier to DURATIONFEE DATE VENUE Produce monitoring data and reports to track the attract customers.10 days 4,195 14 - 25 March 2022Londondevelopment of staffThis new programme will equip HR professionals with the knowledge08 - 19 August 2022 Londonneeded to guide their organisation through this complex and strategically critical process.48e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 w: crownagents.com/training 49'