b'2022 SCHEDULE OF COURSES 20% OFFJAN-MAR COURSESCOURSE DURATIONSTARTFINISH PRICE LOCATIONPAGECOURSE DURATIONSTARTFINISH PRICE LOCATIONPAGE(DAYS)(DAYS)JANUARYARYAPRIL JANU APRILDeveloping Future Leaders 1010 Jan 21 Jan4,250London 26The Agile Project Manager (APMG AgilePM Certicate) 0504 Apr 08 Apr2,750 London 85 (approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management) Board Effectiveness and Best Practice Performance NEW0504 Apr 08 Apr2,750 London 42 PPP Procurement and Contract Management 1010 Jan 21 Jan4,195 London 96Pension Scheme Investment in Private Equity and Infrastructure 0504 Apr 08 Apr2,495Dubai 66 Effective Management Skills1031 Jan11 Feb 4,250London 24Investment of Pension Fund Assets 0504 Apr 08 Apr2,495Dubai 66 Pension Scheme Governance and Regulation 0525 Apr 29 Apr2,495Mauritius67 FEBRUARYARYCountering and Audit of Fraud and Corruption0525 Apr 29 Apr2,495Miami40 FEBRUHealth Procurement and Supply Chain Management1007 Feb 18 Feb4,195 London 94 The Public Procurement Toolkit: Sustainability, Integrity 1007 Feb 18 Feb4,195 London 100MAMAYY and Value-for-Money NEWBusiness Writing with Impact 0516 May 20 May 2,495London 114 Sustainable Public Procurement: Strategy, Policy and Practice NEW 0507 Feb 11 Feb 2,495London 100The Analysis and Reporting Toolkit 1016 May 27 May 4,195 London 115 Succession Planning, Talent and Performance Management 1021 Feb 04 Mar 4,195 London 48Mastering Project and Programme Management Skills1009 May20 May 4,195 London 83 Integrity and Value-for-Money in Public Procurement0514 Feb 18 Feb2,495London 99Strategic Change Management 1009 May20 May 4,195 Miami30 Transforming the HR Function 0514 Feb 18 Feb2,495London 48Governance, Risk and Compliance Management and Integrated Assurance1009 May20 May 4,195 London 39 Women in Leadership1014 Feb 25 Feb 4,195 London 29Strategic HR: Aligning with the Corporate Vision 1009 May20 May 4,195 Miami49 The Complete HR Professional Toolkit1514 Feb 04 Mar 5,850London 47PPP Issues and Solutions: Application, Framework, Project Cycle 1016 May 27 May 4,450London 97 Effective Procurement of Goods and Services 1021 Feb 04 Mar 4,195 Washington D.C. 93(APMG CP 3 P Foundation Certicate) Emotional Intelligence: Enhancing Management and Leadership0528 Feb 04 Mar 2,550Dubai 31The Writing and Presentation Skills Toolkit 1016 May 27 May 4,195 London 113 Impact (approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management) Public Financial Management: Issues and Solutions 1016 May 27 May 4,195 Washington D.C. 56 The Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Toolkit1028 Feb 11 Mar 4,250Dubai 30Data and Statistical Analysis and Presentation0523 May27 May 2,495London 115 Emotional Intelligence, Coaching and Mentoring Toolkit1028 Feb 11 Mar 4,250Dubai 32Writing and Delivering Speeches and Presentations with Impact0523 May27 May 2,495London 114 Integrated Financial Management Systems: Strategy and Implementation 1028 Feb 11 Mar 4,195 Dubai 56 JUNEJUNE MARCHProject Management of Development Projects 1006 Jun 17 Jun4,450London 84 MARCHDeveloping High Performing Teams0507 Mar 11 Mar 2,495Dubai 31(Project DPro Foundation Certicate) The Leadership and Governance Toolkit for Boards and Senior Executives 1007 Mar 18 Mar4,750 Dubai 28Delivering Good Governance in Practice1006 Jun 17 Jun4,195 Kuala Lumpur 37 Executive Leadership in Action - Short Course0507 Mar 11 Mar 2,495Dubai 27The Leadership and Governance Toolkit for Boards and Senior Executives 1006 Jun 17 Jun4,750 London 28 Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Managers and Executives 0507 Mar 11 Mar 2,495Dubai 32Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies 1006 Jun 17 Jun4,195 London 65 Supply Chain Management: Issues and Solutions 1007 Mar 18 Mar4,195 Washington D.C. 99Treasury Management1006 Jun 17 Jun4,195 London 58 Corporate Governance for Boards and Senior Executives 0514 Mar 18 Mar2,950Dubai 38Executive Leadership in Action - Short Course05 06 Jun 10 Jun2,495London 27 Management Development for Executives (approved by1014 Mar 25 Mar 4,250London 24Loan Negotiation and Evaluation 1006 Jun 17 Jun4,195 London 59 the Institute of Leadership & Management) Translating Policy into Legislation 05 13 Jun17 Jun2,495London 106 Electronic Government Procurement: Strategy and Implementation 0521 Mar25 Mar 2,495Washington D.C. 96Developing Effective Policies: an Evidence-Based Approach05 13 Jun17 Jun2,495London 106 Optimising the Impact of the L&D Function1014 Mar 25 Mar 4,195 London 50Corporate Governance for Boards and Senior Executives 0513 Jun17 Jun2,950London 38 Public Debt Management: Issues and Solutions 1014 Mar 25 Mar 4,195 Dubai 60The Policy Toolkit: Evidence, Evaluation and Impact Assessment 1013 Jun24 Jun 4,195 London 105 Best Practice Financial Management and Reporting on 1014 Mar 25 Mar 4,195 Dubai 57ESG and Innovation in Sustainable Finance: Structuring Solutions to 0513 Jun17 Jun2,750 London 77 IPSAS and IFRS StandardsBridge Funding Gaps NEW Organisational Design and Development1014 Mar 25 Mar 4,195 London 49Pension Management in Developing Economies1020 Jun 01 Jul 4,195 London 67 Banking Strategies and Management NEW0521 Mar25 Mar 2,495Dubai 68PPP Procurement and Contract Management 1020 Jun 01 Jul 4,195 Dubai 96 Corporate Governance for Senior Bank Executives NEW 0528 Mar 01 Apr2,495Dubai 68Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation1020 Jun 01 Jul 4,195 London 87 The Agile Manager 0528 Mar 01 Apr2,495London 25Trade Procedures and Financing 0520 Jun 24 Jun 2,495Dubai 95 The Agile People and Project Manager Toolkit 1028 Mar 08 Apr4,450London 25Evaluation and Impact Assessment of Policies and Projects0520 Jun 24 Jun 2,495London 87 Strategic Financial Management and Effective Budget Execution1028 Mar 08 Apr4,195 Washington D.C. 58Creating Innovative Practices and Strategies1027 Jun 08 Jul4,250London 41 Financial Risk Management NEW1028 Mar 08 Apr4,195 Dubai 60(approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management)International Tax and Transfer Pricing1028 Mar 08 Apr4,195 Dubai 59The Strategy Toolkit 1527 Jun 15 Jul 5,950London 41 Public Procurement: Issues and Solutions 1028 Mar 08 Apr4,450Washington D.C. 95 JULY YProject Management of Development Projects 1014 Mar 25 Mar 4,450London 84JUL(Project DPro Foundation Certicate)Directing and Managing Organisational Strategy0511 Jul15 Jul 2,495London 42 The Development Project and Financial Management Toolkit2014 Mar 08 Apr7,250 London 84Effective Management Skills1011 Jul22 Jul 4,250London 24 The Development Programme (DPro) Toolkit 2014 Mar 08 Apr7,250 London 86Executive leadership in action 1011 Jul22 Jul 4,750 London 27 Programme Management of Development Programmes 1028 Mar 08 Apr4,450London 86(approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management) (Program DPro Foundation Certicate)Developing Future Leaders 1011 Jul22 Jul 4,250London 26 Financial Management of Development Projects 1028 Mar 08 Apr4,195 London 85(approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management)Public Procurement and Contract Management 1018 Jul 29 Jul 4,195 London 97 for Works and Consultancy Services Sustainability for Bank Boards and Senior ExecutivesLeading ESG Risk0518 Jul 22 Jul 2,750 London 78 and Climate Change Transition NEW 116e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 w: crownagents.com/training 117'