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Procurement, Logistics and Inspections

We procure what you need, when and where your people need it, wherever they are.

We connect our clients to a global network of suppliers and manufacturers, fostering a competitive procurement environment that drives innovation and value for money while also enabling transparent procurement practices across political, economic, and cultural boundaries. We assist you in developing a high-quality, sustainable procurement practice by enhancing your organization’s capacity through world-class training and the implementation of best practices. 

Our supply chain services work provides the knowledge, systems, and last-mile expertise required to source and transport goods in a way that accelerates prosperity. Even in the most difficult and volatile environments, such as Syria and South Sudan, we have proven results. In countries ranging from Ukraine to Zimbabwe, we build long-lasting supply chains that are transparent, high-performing, and adaptable.  

Furthermore, our quality assurance and inspections service ensure that products worldwide meet expectations, regulations, and legislation. Third-party inspections provide organizations with assurance that all items supplied are safe, effective, and fit for purpose, and that they meet the highest ethical and sustainable procurement standards.