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Fund Management

Delivering development impact through responsive and agile fund management

Crown Agents’ approach to fund management builds on decades of experience and is centred around establishing trust and strong relationships with partners at various levels, including international, national, regional, and local entities. Our team has extensive expertise in designing and setting up fund and financial systems, providing training, monitoring, and advisory services for fund operations.

Ethical and transparent fund management is at the core of our approach. Through adaptive learning, we offer tailored support throughout the entire lifecycle of a fund, from its launch to grant delivery and evaluation. This approach ensures that we maximize value for money and embed sustainable mechanisms of accountability.

We build upon existing national systems to assess potential risks, negotiate safeguards, evaluate performance, and advocate for shared accountability. Working closely with our clients, we continuously enhance the operation of the funds we manage. This includes exploring procurement options, implementing robust monitoring, introducing innovative fund management approaches, and effectively managing the risk of fraud and financial inefficiencies.

We have:

1) Significant experience in delivering successful fund management assignments in conflict affected and fragile states

2) The ability to quickly and effectively set up and scale lifesaving locally led humanitarian responses and manage multi-country funding.

3) The capacity to design and manage the full grant management cycle from calls for concept notes, evaluation, award and contracting, monitoring and review of grantee reports.

4) Robust experience in fiduciary management with a keen focus on planning and budgeting, disbursements, accurate financial record-keeping, reporting, and ensuring the integrity of internal systems, controls, and financial reports.

5) The ability to set up a strong safeguarding framework for each fund management programme to limit and proactively manage safeguarding risks.

6) A robust Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning approach which is an integral part of our program design from the outset. We fully integrate MEL into our workplan, ensuring that we continuously monitor and evaluate the impact of our initiatives and apply learnings to improve outcomes.

7) Experience in delivering effective communications to a variety of audiences to trigger behavioural change and embrace inclusive implementation models.