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Governance and Public Administration

Enabling public institutions to make the most of their resources

We partner with governments to build strong systems that deliver for citizens. We enhance value for money and increase public revenue. 

Governments in low- and middle-income countries often face major challenges in delivering basic services. Through our long­standing relationship with governments globally for more than a century and the breadth of our technical capabilities, we can play a key role in managing public funds effectively and creating a conducive environment for inclusive and sustainable growth.

By supporting public sector reform, improving public financial management, and working closely with civil society to deliver essential services, we help governments to deliver value for money services for citizens in public procurement and increase revenue through improved tax systems. Our competitive advantage comes from our ability to add value as partners of government by ‘working with the grain’ of local reforms, applying a politically-savvy approach, grounded in local contexts and evidence-based analysis.

With more than 60 years of experience training civil servants around the world, we also play a critical role in helping to build the skills of leaders and other key decision-makers alongside strengthening public processes and systems.

Having worked in a variety of different contexts we underst­and the specific needs of countries in very different situations – including those experiencing conflict, emerging from conflict, and in various ­states of fragility, such as Ukraine and South Sudan.