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“Tazeez”: Supporting Sub National Governance and Decentralisation in Libya /

Through the UK FCDO-funded programme, Tazeez, Crown Agents is supporting the Libyan government to implement its decentralisation agenda and enhance the capacity of the sub-national government to deliver essential services to local citizens.

In the first year of implementation Crown Agents, and our partners, GIZ, have worked collaboratively with municipalities and ministry staff to conduct needs assessments and develop training plans that address identified gaps in their current capabilities. We have delivered training covering a range of topics, from budgeting to gender sensitivity. The teams are also working in three municipalities piloting the Integrated Municipal Development Plan, which aims to align ministry and municipal planning activity, and in doing so pave the way for country-wide fiscal decentralisation.

As a programme that exists in open conflict Tazeez is highly adaptive in its design to be able to flex and respond to changing political tides, and travel and access restrictions. Crown Agents and GIZ are able to achieve this effectively and responsibly by leveraging our existing deep local knowledge and networks to build strong relationships and deploy the right technical expertise. We collaborate with other partners active in the space to ensure coherence of international support. We also prioritise gender and inclusiveness to our delivery, because we know how essential it is for stability that the needs of men, women, boys and girls are properly understood and their participation increased.

By bringing central and local authorities together to collaboratively identify priorities and plan through Tazeez, Crown Agents is supporting the government in Libya to better meet their citizens’ immediate needs while sowing the seeds of long-term stability.