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Our Impact in 2023: Accelerating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

2023 can be marked as the significant midway point of realising the SDGs.  

Since their inception in 2015, Crown Agents has actively contributed to the realization of the goals: Last year, Crown Agents reached over 70 million people through its programmes in 85 countries. Our core work provides gritty, ‘nuts and bolts’ assistance to countries as diverse as South Sudan and Syria in a way that maximizes resources and makes a sustainable difference to people on the ground.  Our purpose is to bring agency to those we work with and to increase the flow of resources around the globe enabling people to flourish and prosper.   

Discover here how we transformed the lives of over 70 million people in 85 countries...

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The past year at Crown Agents was one of innovation: A significant aspect of our work involves reducing investor risk and providing access to sustainable, long-term finance models that facilitate affordable transitions to clean energy. As such, a notable achievement in 2023 was the pilot of our Sustainable Electrification of Public Services (STEPS) model in collaboration with Bamboo Capital Partners and the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation. STEPS utilises a combination of grants and social impact funding to address key barriers to investment in Health Facility Electrification within the public sector, ensuring the sustainability of energy provision. 

As the war in Ukraine persists, the looming threat of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on both veterans and families poses a significant challenge to the well-being and resilience of the Ukrainian people. Our commitment to Ukraine’s recovery is unwavering, and we are at the forefront of pioneering innovative solutions. These range from urgent humanitarian responses to sustained support for Civil Society Organisations.  

In Zimbabwe, we have worked with the Ministry of Health and Childcare to meet the Global Vaccine Alliance Performance target of at least 80% vaccine coverage. We did so by promoting demand for immunisation by changing behaviours and attitudes towards vaccines in 20 districts. Our efforts have seen the number of zero-does children shrink from 27,600 to 11,000, contributing to the reduction of unvaccinated children in Zimbabwe by 60%.  

In Nepal, our Public Financial Management Module SuTRA, used by all 753 local governments, introduced a new revenue management module which allows taxpayers to pay their taxes online instead of needing to queue up and pay in cash. We anticipate that this will increase revenues and decrease reconciliation issues. 

Across Latin America, we trained key procurement professionals on sustainable public procurement,  

Throughout the report, you will find other illustrative examples of our global initiatives in the areas of climate, health, humanitarian aid, governance, and procurement.  

In 2024, Crown Agents will continue transforming lives, push boundaries and leverage our expertise to address the pressing challenges that threaten global stability.