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Climate and Energy

Enabling investor flow for low-carbon and climate resilient economic development 

Climate change is the biggest threat facing humankind with its impact on the poorest nations threatening broader development progress.  

At Crown Agents we are passionate about safeguarding hard-won development gains and advancing towards achieving the UN SDGs and global Net Zero target. Through our Climate Energy and Sustainability practice, we support practical interventions that will help countries transition to low-carbon, climate-resilient economies and societies. 

Building on Crown Agents’ core services, we are using our expertise to integrate climate transitions into government systems strengthening and just energy transitions, public financial and fund management, programme management, public sector capacity building and end-to-end procurement and logistics to resolve climate change and resilience challenges.  

Our expert team brings technical expertise across four pillars: 

  • The climate-health nexus works to improve health systems and creating climate resilient health clinics (including health waste management, resilient health workers and clean energy); 
  • Nature-based solutions that benefit communities sustainably and enable high integrity carbon credits; 
  • Enabling flow of climate finance to support transitions to solar energy in public services (STEPS) 
  • Building government capacity to put into effect climate adaption and meet the challenge of climate mitigation, through global technical assistance programmes such as CEADIR and UK-PACT