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Solar-powered ICT classroom opens in Kakuma refugee camp /

Residents in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya will receive access to internet, IT and education resources thanks to a new solar-powered ICT and learning hub, launched today.

The hub will provide residents with increased access to learning and economic opportunities. Residents will have access to technical, financial and literacy skills including ICT training, as well as office services such as printing, internet and mobile charging services. The hub will also serve as an outreach centre for issues including adolescent sexual health and gender empowerment. Partners on the ground are working to ensure that all members of the community can benefit equally for the resource, including ensuring a 50:50 male to female ratio.

The innovatively-designed Nuru Access Centre was delivered in one flatbed truck and took only two weeks to build. The PCs in the centre are dust proof and fanless, and require only 7 watts to power, compared to the usual 250 watts demanded by laptops.

The programme is delivered by the Moving Energy Initiative consortium and funded by DFID.