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Benefiting refugees with renewable energy (Moving Energy Initiative) /

The solar-powered ICT Nuru Access Centre, funded under the Moving Energy Initiative, arrived in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya at the end of 2017. Designed and supplied by Crown Agents, the hub has offered a safe space for refugees to access digital, creative and business services for the first time.

Nearly a year after its opening the dissemination presentation to mark the end of the project took place in Nairobi in March 2019. The aim of the presentation was to share results, lessons learned and future opportunities for the hub. The presentation was undertaken by Samuel Omondi of Crown Agents Kenya and Vasco Amisi of Solidarity and Advocacy with Vulnerable Individuals in Crisis (SAVIC), a refugee-led organisation that works to empower young refugees in Kakuma.

• Results showed that just over half of all hub users had their very first experience of accessing digital media at the centre.
• 24% of hub users were utilising the ICT facilities for education purposes.
• 59% were using e-mail and social media to connect with loved ones, to advise them of their whereabouts.

Continuous improvement
We’re always looking for ways to enhance our projects and programmes, post-implementation. A key area of focus for the hub is to improve the socio balance of users – the male/female ratio, the number of refugee users and those from the host community. SAVIC will continue to work on this and is devising a new marketing plan to this end.

Excitingly, more benefits will come to the hub in 2019 with the introduction of official e-learning programmes. In addition, to assist with financial sustainability of the hub, the excess solar power being generated (approx. 75%), will be sold on to cover power for other camp businesses and institutions.