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Accelerating self-sufficiency & prosperity

Headshot of Kate Hargreaves

Kate Hargreaves /

Product Development and Innovation

Kate has extensive experience in the public sector managing transformation in service delivery and accountability in emerging economies. Kate led a customer services transformation programme at the London Borough of Lambeth, was a management consultant at KPMG Consulting working on public expenditure reform in Jamaica and good governance in India and worked as an independent consultant working with donors and NGOs in Kenya, Tanzania and Sierra Leone.

Before joining Crown Agents Kate lead a social accountability programme with citizens of West Bank and Gaza including establishing a mobile radio platform to engage with their government.
In her role, Kate has a passion for promoting off-grid solar energy and facilitating private sector growth especially for social entrepreneurs in emerging economies.

Kate’s leisure activities are just as varied as her work at Crown Agents. Kate enjoys singing and has set up a chamber choir in London and Nairobi. She also received a gold medal in the Watamu triathlon, veterans’ category and loves rearing chickens!