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Faulty products do not only waste resources, but can risk lives.  

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Crown Agents’ Quality Assurance and Inspection Services (QAIS) gives organisations a guarantee that all items supplied are safe, effective and fit for purpose.

We have over 100 years of experience in providing a range of inspection types, from vendor appraisal, to pre-and-post-shipment inspections, to sampling and lab testing. Our inspectors work behind the scenes to check products at every point in the supply chain for clients around the world, from UN agencies to national governments and private sector organisations.

In addition to health-related inspections, we cover a broad range of sectors including humanitarian response, industrial (including energy/renewables and manufacturing), agricultural and utilities, working with governments and international private sector organisations. As an international leader in end-to-end supply chains, with a global network of highly skilled inspectors, we can ensure that products anywhere meet expectations, regulations and legislation, whilst complying with the highest ethical and sustainable standards of procurement. We realise the importance of getting the supply chain right the first time for our clients, this protects them from seeking replacement or alternative items at short notice, or project slippage.

When technical specialists are required we can utilise our unique global network to match our clients requirements with a suitably qualified inspector to ensure a deep understanding is present during our inspection.

We are renowned for our uncompromising transparency and ethics, providing a safeguard against your national and international supply chain risks. By working with Crown Agents QAIS, you can be sure your organisational reputation and integrity are always upheld.


Crown Agents QAIS is a Full Member of the Testing and Inspection Council (TIC Council), and accredited to the international quality standard BSI 9001:2015.





Vendor appraisals help our clients to avoid financial and reputational losses by mitigating risks associated with new or remote vendors. Our experts assess everything; from their sources of supply, through to labelling, packaging and shipment, whilst holding manufacturers accountable to world standards including ISO: 9001: 2015.


If routine batch sampling and testing is required, we provide an efficient service to clients by utilising strategic partnerships with a network of laboratories who are pre-qualified by the WHO Prequalification Programme or accredited by a stringent regulatory authority.


A physical inspection prior to shipment ensures the integrity of the primary packaging and provides confirmation that all standards have been met. It also allows for the verification of product certificates and packing lists against contractual specifications.

Two staff wearing protective equipment inspecting a bed net.


Our inspectors undertake witness testing during the manufacturing process to prove material integrity and performance, ensuring any non-conformances are reported to clients.


We witness equipment being prepared and set up to ensure on-site preparations and performances meet or exceed our clients agreed contractual acceptance tests and expectations.


Through visual inspections of goods in destination warehouses, we make sure that no damage has occurred to the materials in transit or storage. This ensures products are fit for purpose and comply with specifications, as well as international standards and regulations.


Working closely with clients and partners, we identify opportunities to improve processes, mitigate risks, eliminate waste and drive increases in revenue. We collaborate with clients to ingrain international best practice and world trading standards into their processes.


In this final stage of quality control we verify materials, reporting any damage to packaging or signs of tampering, checking the number of goods against contracts and witnessing the sealing of containers to ensure clients’ organisational reputation is upheld.

Why work with Crown Agents: 

  • Crown Agents acts as an Agency providing independent inspection services on behalf of other organisations to verify the quality of products, services and systems – often also known as ‘Vendor Inspection’ Services
  • Inspection services are most often provided to support the procurement and quality functions within client organisations to ensure that all items supplied to them are safe, effective and fit for purpose
  • Crown Agents offer demonstrable confidentiality, independence, impartiality and integrity in the provision of our inspection service