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Crown Agents Bangladesh

  • 30 years’ experience of quality assurance inspections and 20 years’ procurement experience for a range of clients /
  • £8 million of customs declarations are now processed through an electronic system /
  • Providing international training for almost 100 government officials /

We have worked with partners in Bangladesh for over 30 years, operating from Dhaka to the remotest areas such as the hilly districts of Chittagong.

As a dedicated quality assurance and inspections office, the Bangladesh team specialise in engineering (civil, mechanical and electrical), food, printing, pharmaceuticals and vendor appraisal inspection services, and have been integral in promoting our quality assurance and inspections portfolio internationally.

We also provide market-leading training and capacity building services. We offer practical and innovative development solutions to a broad range of clients from across the public and private sector, always adhering to the highest standards of integrity and transparency.