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Providing Quality Assurance and Inspection Services to UNICEF Bangladesh under Long Term Arrangement (LTA) /

We are trusted partners of the world’s leading organisation for working with children in danger

Crown Agents have been continuously working with UNICEF, Bangladesh for the last 25+ years. We have an Long Term Arrangement (LTA) with UNICEF for Quality Assurance and Inspection Services which will expire on 30 April 2019.

Our services to UNICEF:

  1. Review of/Develop/Validate Specifications/Design/Drawings.
  2. Sample Collection
  3. Technical Evaluation
  4. First-Article Inspection
  5. In-process Inspection
  6. Pre-delivery Inspection
  7. Post-delivery Inspection/Post-installation Inspection
  8. Works Inspection
  9. Commissioning Test
  10. Loading and Unloading Supervision
  11. Site Supervision
  12. Vendor Assessment/Appraisal

Deep knowledge in a variety of commodity markets

Each month we conduct pre-delivery inspections and sample evaluation work across many types of commodity. This includes IT equipment, medical equipment and products, water and sanitation commodities, and equipment for education.

Guaranteeing the highest-quality goods delivers the greatest impact

Our inspection expertise is wide ranging, providing support for numerous life-changing programmes around the world. Notably, we are currently carrying out inspections on humanitarian aid and goods for the Rohingya refugees in Myanmar.