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Headshot of Kabir Mahmadul

Mahmudul Kabir /

Country Manager, Bangladesh Inspections

Kabir has been a fixture of the Crown Agents team for over three decades. Prior to joining, he worked within the public sector where he occupied the post of Deputy Director in the Directorate General of Food, under the Ministry of Food in Bangladesh. As a quality assurance and quality control professional, with specialisms in engineering, food, printing, pharmaceuticals and vendor appraisal, Kabir has also been important in managing our third-party inspections services in Bangladesh and promoting the inspections and assurance portfolio internationally.

He is passionate about his work in international development, both in Bangladesh and on a global scale, and since joining Crown Agents has partnered with several donors and organisations such as UNICEF, DIFID and the UNFPA on health and development projects.

Kabir is a fellow of the Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh.