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Bangladesh Joint Donor Technical Assistance Fund /

Working to develop effective healthcare delivery in Bangladesh

Crown Agents provided an efficient and effective contracting function and delivered technical assistance to improve health outcomes and public health provision in Bangladesh. The £15m/US$24m, 4 year project commenced in September 2012 and provided technical assistance ease the implementation and review of Bangladesh’s large scale national health programme.

Women pouring grain in to a sack.Disbursing funds to achieve high impact and value for money

Crown Agents was responsible for the delivery of high quality, demand driven and high impact technical assistance to the Ministry of Health, while ensuring coherence and coordination through an effective procurement planning process focused on generating and maintaining momentum and ensuring quality solutions that achieved value for money.

The TA was sourced in all the major areas of health systems strengthening including quality of healthcare, health financing, health sector Planning, health information systems and drug administration.

Our fund management approach:

  • Building Ministry of Health & Family Welfare’s (MoHFW) self-governance capability
  • Improving MoHFW’s human resource management
  • Spreading medical coverage through rural communities
  • Improving access to medical assistance, by trying to ensure it was a phone call away
  • Improving midwifery education to achieve better child and maternal healthcare