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Meeting critical oxygen needs in Kenya, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe /

The Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare the longstanding deficiencies in oxygen access across the globe. The outbreak has created overwhelming demand for biomedical equipment such as pulse oximeters and oxygen concentrators, as well as for skilled healthcare workers to administer oxygen to hospitalised patients.

In 2021 Bayer sought to donate oxygen equipment to countries in sub Saharan Africa. Bayer partnered with Crown Agents to create a bespoke procurement, distribution and capacity building programme that would benefit health facilities in Ethiopia, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

We leveraged our global procurement and in-house freight capabilities to source and deliver a total of 173 oxygen concentrators and 385 pulse oximeters. These goods were allocated to 49 in-country health facilities and hospitals across the countries with the support of the country governments.

Covid-19 has highlighted continued need for upskilling healthcare workers and ensuring continuity of skills at health facilities. The donation of critical oxygen therapy medical equipment was therefore supported by healthcare worker capacity building. Crown Agents created a bespoke training package in communication with Ministries of Health. We facilitated the in-country capacity building training to upskill health care workers on the appropriate use of oxygen therapy, oxygen concentrators and pulse oximetry for covid-19 patients. In total 73 healthcare workers received direct capacity building training under the project across all three countries.


View our project video below: