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Crown Agents’ QAIS commitment to integrity, Trust and Transparency

Crown Agents’ Quality Assurance and Inspection Services (QAIS) is a Full Member of the Testing and Inspection Council (TIC Council).

We have consistently offered premium inspections to our customers across the globe, with a history spanning over 100 years. Our key strengths are centred around the quality of the services we render, the trust we share with our clients, the level of integrity we display, and the high degree of transparency we ensure throughout all our activities.

Crown Agents QAIS operational principles are in accordance with the 7 Compliance principles of the TIC council:

  1. Integrity: Integrity is a fundamental aspect of the Crown Agent’s Quality Assurance and Inspection Services offer. As a premium inspection services provider, we pride ourselves on this being one of the core strengths of our business.
  2. Conflict of Interest: Crown Agents QAIS actively avoids conflicts of interest with internal entities in the organisation, who may have been commissioned to provide different services to the same client. We also conduct business proceedings that avoid conflicts of interest with any external party. This could be where the other party has a financial or commercial interest which it’s required to provide services to.
  3. Confidentiality and Data Protection: Crown Agents QAIS respects the confidentiality and privacy of employees and client’s information and ensures processes are in place to protect such information.
  4. Anti-Bribery: Crown Agents QAIS does not tolerate, engage in, support or accept any form of bribery and corruption in our business dealings with others.
  5. Fair Business Conduct: We are committed to competing in a fair and open manner in all business dealings. Crown Agent applies itself to the highest standard of business ethics and integrity and does not act in a way that would bring its reputation, or that of the TIC Council, into disrepute.
  6. Health and Safety: Crown Agents QAIS is committed to the implementation of standard measures to achieve a safe work environment for employees, clients, third parties, contractors and visitors.
  7. Fair Labour: We are committed to ensuring fair labour rewards for employees, contractors and third parties, and are aware of our responsibility to society and the environment. We uphold, implement and ensures compliance with a Fair Labour Policy.

To read more about our TIC Council Membership, please see the Members Directory.




For Enquiries, Feedbacks and Complaints on Crown Agents’ Quality Assurance and Inspection Services and its operational principles, please contact us directly at