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Building Transparent Financial Systems

The transparent use of public funds reduces waste and gives citizens a chance to provide feedback on how money is spent. Improving the management of public finances by enhancing the effectiveness of government Public Financial Management (PFM) systems improves the delivery of services to communities.

We have worked on PFM systems around the world, partnering with governments to develop solutions to the unique challenges each context poses. Through technical assistance, we support institutions with all aspects of the budget cycle, including:

  • Preparation and execution, setting inclusive, realistic budgets
  • Accounting
  • Financial reporting
  • Audit
  • Deploying innovative and locally adapted systems and technologies that improve efficiency, transparency and accountability

We have extensive experience working with governments at the national and local levels. Our added value comes from our ability to ‘work with the grain’ of local reforms, navigating political sensitivities effectively to ensure changes have a sustainable impact.