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Technical Assistance Facility for the Government of Lebanon /

Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) is building effective public administration institutions

From 2017-2022, we established a Technical Assistance Facility in Lebanon, which provided demand-driven technical, legal and training assistance on public administration issues to the Government of Lebanon. We delivered technical assistance to 22 government bodies in Lebanon, which enhanced accountability and transparency to citizens through strengthened administrative systems.

We bolstered structural reforms through our work with the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR). The CDR are leading the implementation of the USD 12 billion Capital Investment Programme that the Government of Lebanon launched during the 2018 Conference for the economic development of Lebanon through reform and enterprises (CEDRE). The programme aims to upgrade the Lebanese infrastructure through partnerships with the private sector and donor community.

TAF developed a web portal for the CDR, making data and information about international funding and ongoing development projects open and easily accessible. The portal includes a section for CEDRE projects, increasing the ease and transparency of their procurement and strengthening the Government of Lebanon’s ability to effectively manage and attract funds to support stabilisation in Lebanon.

Impact statistics
TAF had focal points in all 92 government departments, giving us an unrivalled network of administrative leaders who are actively supporting change and modernisation in Lebanon.

We developed processes to deter wrongdoing, reduce inefficiency and improve transparency across public bodies in Lebanon.

We furthermore built the capacity of 80 ministries and government agencies engaged during the inception phase of TAF.

Our approach
TAF was designed as a demand driven project, meaning that government departments and ministries led the process of identifying and shaping the areas they required technical assistance in.

TAF received 71 requests for technical assistance from government bodies and worked in partnership with them to identify and consolidate their priority needs. We worked together to design projects that strengthened public administration, governance, enhanced transparency, increased access to information, improved oversight of funds and reduced opportunities for corruption. This collaborative approach ensured all projects have government ownership and continuous engagement throughout their lifecycle.

Working in partnership with the Government of Lebanon
Our demand driven approach enabled us to truly work in partnership with the Government of Lebanon. All Crown Agents experts were embedded within the ministries they offer technical assistance to.