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Lebanon Technical Assistance Facility /

Building effective institutions

We are establishing a Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) in Lebanon which will provide demand-driven training, technical and legal assistance on public administration issues.

We are supporting the tracking of international aid and activities in Lebanon, in line with the priorities of the EU-Lebanon partnership. We will oversee delivery of a mapping system developed by UNDP, with the government itself choosing the projects to go to the implementation phase.

Information drives better policy-making

TAF will:

  • Support better decision and policy-making by making it more efficient and well-informed;
  • Enhance accountability and transparency to citizens through a strengthened management and administrative system
  • Enhance Government capacity to address aid coordination

Our approach:

  • Promoting modernisation and good governance in public administration reform through analysis, learning and technical assistance.
  • Collaborating closely with the Office of the Minister of State for Administration Reform, Council for Development and Reconstruction and the EU delegation to help implement priority projects
  • Building the capacity of the 80 ministries and government agencies engaged during inception phase