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Watch: Life at Crown Agents /

We are proud to announce the launch of ‘Life at Crown Agents’, a new video celebrating our people working with leaders to accelerate self-sufficiency and prosperity for their people, institutions and nations. From our convoy drivers delivering essential supplies against the odds during the Bosnia crisis in the 1990s to our procurement agents today tirelessly driving down the price of drugs and medicines in Kyiv, meet the Crown Agents transforming futures for millions across the globe.

As our CEO Fergus reflects,

“Life at Crown Agents has always required courage and authenticity. Courage to tackle problems that seem too big to solve, and the authenticity to build solutions that last.”

From our Ukraine Representative Tania Korotchenko, who has stood shoulder to shoulder with the Ukraine Ministry of Health in driving forward a bold procurement reform agenda that is saving lives to our Regional Director for West Africa Comfort Sakoma’s vision for prosperity for all across Africa, our people are at the heart of what we do.

Watch the video: