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Lagos Solar Power Project /

  • 5MW of solar power to education and health facilities /
  • 172 schools and 11 public health centres given access to clean, renewable power /
  • £15m of solar equipment procured, tested and delivered /

Constructing Africa’s largest off-grid solar power project

We worked with DFID to provide end-to-end supply chain services, including inspection and logistics, to support the largest and most complex off-grid solar power project in Africa. This meant managing each stage of the supply chain, from procurement to delivery, to ensure a high quality solar power system was installed in Nigeria’s most populous state.

Through this equipment, schools and healthcare centres that previously had little or no access to electricity supply from the national grid, will now have clean and sustainable power solutions that draw on one of Nigera’s most abundant sources – sunshine.

Positive impacts beyond the project

Hundreds of people are receiving training and certification in solar power generation employment opportunities. Local solar industry manufacturers and service providers are gaining opportunities in mini off-grid renewable energy solutions. The regular power source will be a catalyst for overall improvements in the health and education services in the state. Finally, millions of Naira will be saved annually on the state’s fossil fuel bills, funds which the government can reinvest in providing services to citizens.