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Public procurement reform in Ukraine /

  • 40% reduction in net price of oncological medicines in the first year/
  • 84% of 168 line items procured at a lower net price /
  • $17 million total government savings /

Reforming public procurement in Ukraine

Crown Agents are the procurement agent for the Ukrainian Ministry of Health for the fourth year running, tackling corruption and driving better results in public healthcare procurement as part of wide-ranging health sector reforms.

Our approach

  • Driving down costs of vital oncological medicines by building a wider network of trusted suppliers and creating a more competitive market for government contracts
  • Improving manufacturing quality of oncological medicines by employing trusted manufacturers and suppliers
  • Improving delivery terms by using these trusted manufacturers and suppliers
  • Pioneering new tools such as a ‘fast-track’ drug registration service helping to get drugs to the people that need them most
  • Working within the existing procurement framework to ensure that the impact the programme delivers is replicable by the MoH once our contract ends, ensuring a positive social legacy for the programme
  • Pursuing a PR programme to tackle misinformation and raise public confidence in and awareness of the programme of reform

Ukrainian doctor.Building trust in the healthcare supply chain

The programme has created trust in the government’s healthcare reforms and is increasing the availability of life-saving drugs for patients. Our reputation for transparency helped us bring new international suppliers and manufacturers in to support the programme.

As the quality of procurement improves, we are working with the Ministry of Health to build their capacity to deliver international-standard procurement into the future, driving better quality health care for Ukrainian patients.