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Sustainable Procurement /

Sustainable Procurement

With the imminent target of Agenda 2030, governments and organisations around the world are striving to find new and innovative ways of reaching their Sustainable Development Goals.

We partner with governments and organisations globally to achieve sustainable practices that meet economic, social, and environmental objectives, working with clients to weave sustainable principles into their procurement policies and practices.

Our services in this area of work include:

  • Identification of needs
  • Market Research and Planning
  • Definition of Requirements
  • Bidding, Evaluation and Award
  • Contract Management
  • Review and Learning

For example, under the SIDA funded Sustainable Public Procurement Capacity Building Programme, in collaboration with FCG Sweden, we are providing support in 9 countries, where we make sure their purchasing decisions reflect broader goals linked to resource efficiency, climate change, social responsibility and economic resilience.

Working for the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), we developed an emergency procurement framework to assist with disaster preparedness. By applying a ‘build back better’ approach we recommended the use of materials that would provide greater resilience to withstand future disasters.

In collaboration with #Barbados Ports Inc. (BPI), we are working to put in place a new waste-to-energy facility with the aim to lead to a reduction in pollution. It is estimated to annually produce 2 MWh of electricity depending on the amount of waste processed.