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Operational procurement /

Our operational procurement expertise spans decades and is at the heart of what we do. We follow our internal Procurement Operational Procedures, based on international best practice and the highest standards of ethics and transparency. We are adaptable and work to specific donor guidelines or public-sector procurement regulations as required.

  • Our aim is to help you realise efficiencies, quality and value for money. We can operate as a procurement agent for and on behalf of our clients or act as a supplier, taking on risk and title of procured goods until acceptance.
  • We can work on a transactional basis procuring everything from vehicles and medicines to bulk commodities such as raw cotton. Additionally, we have the skills to work on more complex procurements which involve the purchase of goods and services such as installation, commissioning and training in solar projects. We procure for public sectors, donors, private companies and NGOs worldwide. Our range of expertise and experience means we understand unique procurement challenges and can be a trusted partner to take these on for you.
  • As well as undertaking operational procurement, we are committed to supporting clients in their transition towards self-sufficiency through capacity building and procurement reform. Working collaboratively, we create long-lasting infrastructure and empower procurement professionals to ensure such infrastructure is upheld.