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We are a leading provider of quality assurance and inspection services for a wide variety of medical and non-medical commodities with over 100 years experience.

We have extensive experience in the quality control and inspection of pharmaceuticals, bednets, contraceptives, and medical and laboratory equipment, on behalf of clients including DFID, UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO, KfW, JICA, PSI, FHI and Futures Group Europe.
We also inspect mechanical, electrical and emergency relief equipment as well as paper, textile and sanitation products for multiple clients ranging from TNBR-Malaysia to the Electricity Board, Mauritius.  

Our service is accredited to ISO 9001:2008 offering excellence, integrity and independence. We assure quality by purchasing goods only from suitably qualified suppliers in compliance with relevant international and in-country quality standards and requirements.

Our technical staff members are experienced in drafting detailed product specifications, evaluating product documentation, preparing appropriate contract terms, performing or reviewing quality control tests and monitoring supplier performance.

We routinely incorporate inspection procedures into the procurement cycle and work closely with our logistics colleagues to ensure efficient and value-for-money shipment, clearance and storage. We also ensure that all goods supplied are safe, effective and fit-for-purpose.

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