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Accelerating self-sufficiency & prosperity

Crown Agents Zimbabwe

  • Boosting access to health services for 6m people since 2012 /
  • Facilitating the importation of 55,000 tonnes of maize to feed 1.6m people during the lean period of the 2016/17 agricultural season /
  • Ensuring 18,000 doctors and nurses are paid on time since 2009 /

We have worked with partners in Zimbabwe for over a quarter of a century, from remote areas such as Binga in Matabeleland North to the capital of Harare. We are proud of our continuing partnership with the UK Department for International Development and other key stakeholders as we work together to deliver practical and innovative development solutions.

Crown Agents Zimbabwe

Standards Association Building, Northend Close
Northridge Park, Borrowdale
PO Box 4200

[+263] 0242 850 265 / 0242 850 266 / 0242 850 267