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Results Based Financing – Essential Programme on Immunisation in Zimbabwe /

Between September 2022 – September 2023 we:  

  • Vaccinated over 180,000 people with the Measles Rubella vaccine / 
  • Vaccinated over 190,000 people with the pentavalent vaccine which protects people against five major diseases: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and haemophilus influenza type b / 
  • Reached 556,723 people / 

Promoting immunisation through community engagement 

Since 2021, Crown Agents has been providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Health and Childcare (MoHCC) by applying the Result Based Financing model to promote demand for immunisation by changing behaviours and attitudes towards vaccines in 20 districts. The aim of the programme is to help Zimbabwe meet the Global Vaccine Alliance Performance (GVAP) target of at least 80% vaccine coverage.  

During 2023, the number of zero-dose children shrank from 27,613 to 11,000—representing a 60% increase in vaccinated children.  

Our approach 

Through working with the MoHCC, we design and implement immunisation campaigns by engaging with gatekeepers, communities, Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and religious leaders to reach the most marginalised, zero-dose children and under-immunised individuals. This is in line with Gavi’s 5.0 vision of leaving no one behind by 2030, inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals and Immunisation Agenda 2030 (IA2030). 

Through engaging with vaccine hesitant groups, we encourage them to allow access and give permission to their followers to get children vaccinated. The CBOs conduct defaulter tracing and bring unvaccinated children to clinics for immunisation. This improves national EPI coverage, addresses inequities through identifying populations that are not getting vaccinated, understand the bottlenecks, and tailor interventions to address the challenges.   

Case study: Saving lives through door-to-door visits 

In the Chireya Mission Catchment Area in Gokwe North District, Zimbabwe, Sibongile Tambureni, a member of the Zvoruwando Community Based Organisation (CBO) working in collaboration with Crown Agents for the Essential Programme for Immunisation via Results Based Financing (EPI RBF), embarked on her routine door-to-door vaccine visit.

Sibongile encountered a 2-year-old child neglected by his caregivers due to mental health reasons. As a result, the child had not only missed the protective shield of vaccinations, but was lacking adequate care. Sibongile acted swiftly and transported the child to the clinic, ensuring immediate medical attention. She also engaged with the child’s grandmother persuading her to take on the responsibility of providing a stable and caring environment.


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