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Project Management and Evaluation Training

Helping you manage successful projects

Our courses in project management and evaluation training equip professionals with the tools required to manage and evaluate projects effectively and successfully. As professionals from many disciplines are increasingly becoming involved in projects, all managers now need a good understanding of the principles of sound project management.

Our programmes offer training in international best practice standards of project management, monitoring and evaluation for both the public and private sector.

These include the qualification programmes for development professionals, PMD Pro 1 & 2. PMD Pro is an internationally-recognised certification programme, developed by PM4NGOs and APMG International. PMD Pro is platform-independent and tailored to the complexities, challenges and objectives that are common to development projects.

Featured Director of Studies – Dr. Philip Davies

Dr. Philip Davies is a leading figure in the development of evidence-based policy in the UK. He has a wealth of knowledge in the area and has lectured and consulted throughout the world.

Philip is a graduate of the Universities of Oxford, London and California and was a faculty member of Oxford University for much of his career. Philip has also been a senior civil servant in the UK Cabinet Office and HM Treasury.


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