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Project Tansiq – Supporting the Iraqi Government in Tackling Terrorism /

Deployed in Iraq from 2015-2022, the Tansiq programme contributed to a more effective response by the Government of Iraq to terrorist threats by developing human-rights compliant counter terrorism strategy, legislation and coordination measures. The project was supported over 3 phases by accountable grants from the EU Instrument for Stability and Peace (ICSP).

Deploying a small group of senior former European intelligence and security sector consultants from Spain, France, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, America, and the UK, the project built trusted ling-term relationships with the Iraqi Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) and the Iraqi Intelligence Community (IIC), delivering, according to one Senior Iraqi National Security Adviser, “one of the most successful international support programs provided to the Iraqi Security sector”.

Notable achievements included:

  • Trained over 1,000 Iraqi intelligence officers
  • Developed a performance management model for the IIC to align with the Iraqi National Security Strategy
  • Mentored partners to pass Executive Order 143 defining the roles and responsibilities of the National Intelligence Cell (NIC)
  • Supported the introduction of a network of Women’s Empowerment officers across ONSA
  • Supported the cooperation between the capital and the liberated provinces

Throughout the project, the operating environment proved challenging – protests, political vacuums, the fallout after the Soleimani killing, and Covid-19.   Despite these factors, Project Tansiq maintained a constant presence in Baghdad.

At every engagement, Tansiq reinforced European Union values and standards by emphasising the Rule of Law, Human Rights, and Gender considerations. Through its pivotal relationship with ONSA, Tansiq built trusted relationships at the heart of the Iraqi Intelligence Community, which enabled the European Union to be more influential in promoting EU values within the Iraqi intelligence apparatus.

“One of the most successful international support programs provided to the Iraqi Security sector”

Senior Iraqi National Security Adviser