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Reforming the National Revenue Authority in Sierra Leone /

  • Year-on-year revenue increases resulting in exceeding the 2012 target for tax collection by 38% (US$116 million) /

Streamlining tax collection to build a better and more equal economic future

Crown Agents has been providing support to the National Revenue Authority in Sierra Leone since 2005. We helped broaden the tax base and improve revenue administration through the introduction of VAT and by strengthening the NRA, primarily through building capacity with a sustainable training programme to maintain technical development. Developing capacity for forecasting revenue in line with the macroeconomic framework added credibility to the budget process.

Our approach:

  • Combining 7 outdated taxes in to 1 single goods and services tax that was easier for taxpayers to understand and for the government to collect
  • Innovatively publicising the new tax campaign through releasing a song with a popular local band, billboard advertising and by providing educational sessions on the new tax to the public
  • Implementing reform in the NRA, including by combining existing tax departments in to one centralised Domestic Tax Department (DTD)
  • Building strategic management capacity in the DTD through accredited management development programmes, and a new information and communications technology strategy
  • Sponsoring a tax information workshop to outline changes in legal issues and tax law for 75 organisations which paid a significant amount of tax