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Albanian Customs Assistance Programme /

  • €2.4 million extra revenue identified for the Albanian government /


Building efficient customs processes

The government of Albania signed a contract with Crown Agents in December 2013 to support the development of the Albanian Customs Administration and specifically to:

  • Increase levels of revenue collection
  • Increase levels of integrity within the customs administration
  • Build the capacity and effectiveness of the customs administration in line with the requirements for accession to the European Union

Albanian customs staff checking crates.Providing trusted consultancy to fight corruption

Our team of experts worked alongside counterparts within the Customs Administration in Tirana and throughout Albania on a consultancy and advisory basis. Aside from the advisory role, we also provided consultancy in the areas of anti-corruption, human resources and risk analysis.

We were successfully able to contribute to a reduction in actual and perceived corruption within the revenue collection system. This secured an extra €2.4 million of revenue for the government.