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Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) /

In 2019 Crown Agents joined a consortium of revenue management firms and commenced the implementation of the Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) for Sierra Leone’s National Revenue Authority. The introduction of this revenue management system will significantly enhance the NRA’s operations as it will:

  • allow for better compliance as a result of simplified payment processes for taxpayers,
  • enhance transparency of NRA operations along the revenue management chain,
  • improve budget preparation.

Transforming national development
ITAS is primed to reform revenue management practices in Sierra Leone, addressing systemic gaps in reporting, receipting and collections. As part of a drive to bring national institutions one step closer towards complete self-sufficiency, Crown Agents was contracted to manage the implementation of ITAS due to our track record in the field and our understanding of best practice public financial management systems.

ITAS will report on earnings from PIT, CIT and GST, pulling from the NRA’s taxpayer registration database. This information will contribute to strengthened budget preparation and allow the GoSL to better fulfil financial commitments.

Our approach
Working closely with our consortium partners, the Crown Agents ITAS team is embedded in the NRA. This approach allows for steady dialogue among project team members and facilitates issues resolution.

With the successful implementation of ITAS, Sierra Leone will be in a stronger position to pursue stronger evidence-based economic and development decisions.