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Modernising Public Procurement across Zimbabwe /

Decentralising and standardising the Public Procurement system

The Government of Zimbabwe was experiencing challenges with procurement performance. Both its procurement workload and the operating environment had changed significantly since its centralised system was designed in the 1990s.

We have been working with the Office of the President and Cabinet to help deliver the government’s vision for a modern, decentralised public procurement system. Through consulting and collaborating with stakeholders, we are translating this vision into the necessary implementation strategies, legal documents, structures and tools.

Key Achievements

  • Public procurement policy issued and strategy agreed for institutional reforms
  • Public Procurement bill prepared and passed by Parliament in January 2018
  • Procurement regulations, manual and standard documents drafted
  • E-Government Procurement Strategy prepared
  • Extensive stakeholder consultations held on major strategy and legal documents
  • Sensitisation strategy delivered to build capacity on the New Law and the new Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe
  • The professionalisation of procurement through the creation of a 3-level certification course

Building end to end public procurement solutions
Our work in Zimbabwe is a perfect example of how Crown Agents can be a trusted partner across each stage of institutional reform, from preparing a strategy to drafting a bill to building capacity across government.

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