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Saving Ghana’s Ministry of Finance money through Value for Money assessments /

We identified significant savings equivalent to 14% of the US$130m aggregate value of contracts examined /

Ensuring value for Ghana’s finance ministry

In order to help Ghana attain the best value outcomes in high value contracts, Crown Agents performed a value for money (VFM) assessment that included advice and guidance, monitoring and audit, assessments of specific contracts and capacity building to government departments and agencies.

Training government staff to safeguard sustainable savings

We put in place guidelines and basic training, raising awareness of issues relevant to facilitating the adoption of value for money principles and practices across government procurement in Ghana. This helped to further embed good procurement practices and to ensure effective and fair public financial resource utilisation, becoming a vital tool in the government’s fight against corruption.

Our approach:

  • Reviewing specific contracts prior to their finalisation, to determine value for money
  • Monitoring and auditing specific contracts and general procurement, to develop value for money criteria and a set of indicators which formed the guidelines for future contracts and procurement
  • Providing technical assistance to the government and establishing a Procurement Policy Oversight Group responsible for overseeing the implementation of reforms to improve performance of the public procurement system
  • Disseminating the lessons learned from the contract assessments via workshops and ongoing guidance, to build local capacity and produce sustainable results