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Procurement Advisory Services to Botswana’s Ministry of Mineral, Energy, and Water Resources /

Procurement expertise for publicly-funded programmes

Crown Agents provided procurement support to help the Ministry of Minerals, Energy, and Water Resources (MMEWR) achieve value for money in water and energy projects.

We supported MMEWR as it took on its new procurement responsibilities and prepared tenders for complex, high-value infrastructure projects in water and energy, with the goal of contributing to the sustainability of infrastructure investments, supporting economic growth, and fostering greater international competition in Botswana.

Our approach:

  • Conducting a preliminary and a final assessment of MMEWR’s procurement processes using internationally-accepted models
  • Developing technical specifications for complex, high-value water and energy tenders
  • Establishing evaluation criteria that transparently and fairly assess value and life-cycle costs
  • Performing post-award reviews of the evaluation process to identify successes and areas for improvement
  • Making recommendations for how the MMEWR can strengthen its procurement system after the programme concluded
  • Building capacity by conducting procurement training for MMEWR staff and by cataloguing best practices and principles to serve as a reference for staff once our involvement with the programme concluded