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Implementing an electronic customs system for Kyrgyzstan /

  • 700 system end-users received training, exceeding our target
  • More than 50% reduction in average declaration processing times in both ‘Central’ and ‘Eastern’ customs stations in Kyrgyzstan

Designing and implementing efficient customs software

We supported the automation of key functions of the Kyrgyz Customs service through developing a Unified Automated Information System (UAIS) software. This software manages the control and clearance of goods, the processing of customs declarations and the production of management statistics. This enables better identification of suspicious cargo movements associated with customs fraud or other cross-border crime.

Our approach:

  • Maintaining an up-to-date database of goods, as well as violations and infractions
  • Utilising data to generate consistent reporting and provide customs statistics
  • Enabling the processing of electronic declarations
  • Thorough in-house testing and evaluation
  • Training customs staff and brokers in the use of the new system
  • Rolling the system out throughout the whole of Kyrgyzstan

Thanks to the success of the new UAIS system, it has now replaced almost all other customs systems in Kyrgyzstan.