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Facilitating a National-Level Dialogue in Libya /

Supporting a new constitution for Libya

We worked with the Ministry of Culture and Civil Society to establish a national-level dialogue mechanism to allow citizen participation in the drafting of Libya’s new constitution through engaging with civil society organisations (CSOs) our approach ensured appropriate representation of all areas of Libyan society, with a focus on minority and gender representation.

Our approach:

  • Initiating a programme of 200 community-level workshops, delivered by over 100 facilitators trained by the project, in 59 out of 60 electoral districts
  • Facilitating the first ever National Civil Society Conference which brought together government ministers and leading CSOs
  •  Delivering women’s empowerment training to more than 300 women in government ministries

Understanding the conditions necessary for peace

The challenging security situation required close coordination with stakeholders and a flexible approach to planning. Our approach stressed constitutional awareness and peace-building at the community level and was designed to work across all sectors of Libyan society. Core to the success of the programme was the establishment of strong links between trainers and their CSO.

These CSOs have remained active and continue to share knowledge beyond the end of the project, feeding directly into the CDA in Tripoli via their Constitutional Ambassadors.