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Transforming electricity access through procurement reform in Mozambique /

EDM (Electricidade de Moçambique), the Mozambican national power company, is undergoing a wide modernisation process to accommodate the rapid expansion of its operations and achieve universal access to electricity throughout the country by 2030. This transformation covers all aspects of the company’s operations, activities and processes in which streamlining procurement is a key. Crown Agents has now embarked on its third round of support to EDM’s procurement reform.

Creating strong procurement systems and processes
Throughout this six-month project, CA is supporting EDM between ‘Phase II and III’ of its procurement reform while its staff are being recruited and trained. CA’s work will ensure that:

  • outputs of the new procurement regulations are fully adopted by EDM’s staff
  • ongoing procurement can successfully operate under new procurement rules in a uniform, transparent, effective and cost-efficient manner
  • the implementation of the new procurement structure is effective
  • procurement capacity is reinforced, working with EDM’s newly appointed procurement managers.

Through our support EDM will improve its service to its clients and customers, guaranteeing reliability and efficient provision of crucial electricity supplies. The organisation can also act as an example for other state-owned enterprises looking to reform and improve their systems.
The presentation of our work for EDM has been publicised in the national newspaper Savana and across Mozambican television channels, enabling EDM to reinforce the confidence of their suppliers and the public in general.