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Developing an e-government procurement strategy for Zimbabwe /

Crown Agents assisted with a range of start-up activities that were required prior to developing and adopting a national e-procurement system based on new procurement legislation and international best practices.

Key Achievements

  • Preparing an e-GP strategy, based on a thorough assessment of Zimbabwe’s readiness for e-GP. This strategy included an action plan and recommendations.
  • Analyzing and re-engineering the current procurement business processes and practices, using the new procurement legislation and international best practices to provide an efficient and effective environment for e-GP implementation. This business process re-engineering considered ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’ processes and change management requirements.
  • Preparing e-GP guidelines to support future implementation of e-GP. These guidelines will assist users of the new environment to make the best use of an e-GP system and to ensure that transactions are processed smoothly and efficiently and that they are authentic.
  • Defining business, functional and technical requirements in specifications for use in the selection of an appropriate e-GP solution.

Our approach to e-government procurement
Preparing for e-GP is not just about technology, but about a new, more efficient and effective way of doing business that saves governments and businesses money. Therefore our services did not focus on the technology alone, but on the people and processes that make it work and on ensuring that the recommended solution was appropriate for the maturity of the procurement environment.

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