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Managing Visceral Leishmaniasis in Sudan and Uganda /

The End Fund provides financial support to 5 countries in East Africa to help governments continue with active case search, diagnosis and treatment for Visceral Leishmaniasis, a Neglected Tropical Disease that kills most patients if left untreated. 

Crown Agents and partner Oriole Global Health, have been working with the governments of Sudan and Uganda since August 2021 until July 2023.

In Uganda, the project provides health facilities with VL supplies including the Rapid Test kits (rk39) necessary for routine screening of people suspected to be infected with kala-Azar, and refers patients to the one referral centre, in Amudat, Karamoja, that can treat VL patients.   We sensitized communities on VL signs and symptoms, and raised awareness of the diagnostic and treatment centres, and on preventive measures through radio jingles and talk shows.

In Sudan, in addition to detecting and diagnosis VL, the project has introduced innovations in communication and sensitisation about VL. We set up a VL telephone hotline that provides direct support services to medical staff, NTD Focal points, state and federal coordinators and the general public.  We also introduced ‘mobile mentoring teams’ in 12 states, covering 44 treatment centres and training many hundreds of doctors, nurses, laboratory workers and public health officers.