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Waste Management /

UN Waste Experts highlight that the open burning of waste is a major source of air pollution and uncontrolled waste dumping. This leads to increased methane emissions, contributing to 11% of global black carbon emissions.

According to the World Bank, in low-income countries, 90% of waste is openly burned and/ or dumped, contributing to climate change and contaminating the water we drink and the soil that grows our food. Circular economy approaches to waste will not only cut greenhouse gas emissions but represent an economic opportunity as large as $300 billion globally.

Crown Agents is at the forefront of global waste management initiatives, working with governments and citizens to find sustainable solutions to environmental degradation.

At present, we are working with UNICEF and Ministries of Health (MOH) across the world to support countries in planning sustainable solutions for healthcare waste management (HCWM) of primary healthcare centres. We have been working with Botswana, Somalia, Malawi, Tanzania and Azerbaijan to provide technical assistance on this issue.

For more information about our waste management work, please download our waste management brochure below.