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Back Office Services for Frontline Responders /

Back Office Services for Frontline Responders

We build effective strategies and tools for remote management, supporting National Govts, UN and NGO’s to deliver genuinely flexible, adaptable and responsive support. This draws on our experience managing funds in various protracted crises, from delivering healthcare in South Sudan to humanitarian response in Myanmar and third-party monitoring in Somalia. CA can offer a suite of services to these agencies such as:

  • Packaging remote management and risk mitigation tools for actors working in fragile contexts with a strong focus on due diligence
  • Providing financial services to national NGOs or consortia or bringing savings to donors in their fund management responsibilities
  • Providing logistics services to agencies as a stand-alone package to work alongside with front-line service provision
  • Offer hosting of NGO staff or operations to tender, procure, recruit on their behalf from CA registered offices utilising Crown Agents international offices and joint ventures
  • Provide scale-up or set-up capability for local or international NGOs.
  • Solve challenges in countries where registration, procurement or other issues are increasingly hampering the ability to deliver humanitarian response

For more info contact Toby Sexton, Head of Humanitarian Programmes,