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Procurement consultancy /

Public procurement reform

We work with governments around the world to build strong public procurement systems that act as a foundation for cost-effective public service delivery. We do this by:

  • Developing strategies for enhancing procurement performance and compliance
  • Drafting and implementing legislation to enable effective legal and regulatory procurement frameworks
  • Establishing and integrating regulatory bodies with existing government functions
  • Building capacity at all levels from executive to junior procurement staff
  • Monitoring and evaluation including; procurement audits, value for money assessments, compliance assessments, benchmarking and capacity assessments


We work closely with governments to facilitate the move from transactional to strategic procurement through cutting-edge technologies. We do this by:

  • Optimising the procurement process through automating costly and time-consuming administration
  • Advising on all aspects of eProcurement strategy, from business and systems requirement analysis to the purchase and evaluation of an appropriate application
  • Project managing the full eProcurement implementation cycle, if required

Procurement monitoring and audit

We have wide-ranging experience in independent monitoring and audit, and expertise in implementing effective solutions worldwide.

  • Performance monitoring, capturing data which builds a detailed picture of the procurement system in place
  • Value-for-money assessments to ensure specific procurement processes achieve value in the final product
  • Early detection of and response to positive and negative trends
    Reviewing institutional architecture and tools

Procurement capacity development and professionalisation

We assess and respond to development needs at all levels, develop procurement curricula to facilitate the preparation of training modules and materials, and build local capacity through bespoke training courses.

  • Capacity diagnostics and strategy
  • Curriculum development
  • Capacity building through mentoring, training and developing and delivering formal qualifications
  • Professionalisation and sustainability through ‘train the trainer’programmes, and working with academic institutions and governments to secure recognition of procurement as a profession