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Ukraine Prime Minister renews support for international procurement as part of health reforms /

The Ukraine Prime Minister Volodymyr Grosyman has renewed his support for international procurement for drugs and medical supplies as part of the wide-ranging Ukrainian health reforms sweeping the country.

CEO Fergus Drake attends extended meeting with Ukraine Prime Minister

Crown Agents CEO Fergus Drake, procurement specialist Christine Jackson and Crown Agents Ukraine representative Tetiana Korotchenko participated

in discussions with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health on plans for improving the provision of healthcare for its citizens as part of an extended session chaired by the Prime Minister.

The meeting was convened to understand the challenges facing recent health reforms, and the role of international organisations, including Crown Agents and UN agencies such as UNDP and UNICEF in drug and medical supply procurement.

After hearing from Crown Agents and others at the meeting, the Prime Minister renewed his support for the involvement of international organisation in health procurement. Read a report on Crown Agents’ health procurement for the Ministry of Health Ukraine.

Watch a video from the session here (note – Ukrainian language).