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Procurement notice

Crown Agents Ukraine – General Procurement Notice Budget 2021 /

Procurement of medicines, medical devices and reagents for Ministry of Health (MOH), Ukraine.
Crown Agents Ltd has been appointed by MOH, Ukraine to undertake the procurement of medicines and medical devices for the 8 programmes listed below. This procurement will be undertaken under the Decree #132 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “Specific issues of procurement of medicines, medical products and related auxiliaries in 2021” as of February 17, 2021.
Programme 2: Tests and consumables for TB diagnostics
Programme 3: Immunobiological drugs for public immunization, medical devices and products for temperature control of immunological drugs and medical devices
Programme 4: Medicines for children with dwarfism of various origins
Programme 5: Medical products for patients with epidermolysis bullosa
Programme 6: Medicines for patients in pre- and post-transplant period
Programme 7: Consumables to determine the blood glucose, glycosylated haemoglobin levels
Programme 8: Medicines for children with mental and behavioural disorders
Programme 9: Endoprostheses and implantation kits

The procurement process for each programme will be announced once we receive the full requirements from Ministry of Health, Ukraine.
Crown Agents requests that Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors register their interest immediately.
Interested Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors should contact confirming their interest in being invited to participate.
Information to be provided should include:
Programme of interest (and part if relevant)
Company name
Company address
Contact details (tel., email, etc.)
Contact person
Manufacturer / Distributor – please state
The procurement processes require that all bidders complete the Crown Agents Business Partners Questionnaire. For advance notice of this requirement the link to access the documents is:

Christine Jackson
Project Director
28 May 2021