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Crown Agents to continue tackling corruption with the Ministry of Health in Ukraine for the third year running /

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has entrusted Crown Agents for the third year in a row with the procurement of medicines and medical products for the third year running, with a framework agreement on procurement funded by 2017 state budget signed today.

We are incredibly proud that the Ministry of Health of Ukraine considers Crown Agents to be a reliable partner in such a significant for the whole country work as providing the population with lifesaving medicines and medical products. The work set up in previous years, is built on the principles of transparency, accountability to the state and its citizens, and the implementation of international standards for effective procurement. Our goal is to satisfy existing demand to the greatest possible extent through procuring solely high-quality medical products that fully meet the requirements of the Ministry and doctors, at the best price for the state and to ensure deliveries at the appropriate time.”

Bryan Richmond, Crown Agents Director of Supply Chain Services

As one of the world’s leading experts in public procurement and supply chain management we coordinate procurement for the Ministry of Health of Ukraine under 12 programs totalling UAH 1,066,778,700, financed by 2016 state budget. Almost 90% of the demand financed has already been procured, while as of July 27, 2017 under 2 programs the plan has been overfulfilled.

Bryan Richmond signs a contract with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

Under the Agreement with MoH of Ukraine for providing public procurement for the coronary stenting programme, 10,354 stents and related medical consumables were planned to be procured in the amount of UAH 155.8 mln for urgent coronary stenting procedures in cases of acute myocardial infarction. Crown Agents completed public procurement comprehensively, saving about 50% of budget funds that will allow providing additional procurement for this program.

Under the procurement program of consumables for individual glucometers for diabetic children and pregnant women, competitiveness and transparency, which Crown Agents are strictly adhering to, allowed to increase the supply by 36% and procure 8,427,450 dipsticks for individual glucometers. Thanks to savings of UAH 5.2 mln allocated for procurement, each diabetic child and pregnant woman will be able to receive at least 949 test strips instead of planned 700.

According to preliminary calculations, Crown Agents will save over UAH 124 million of state funds, which will be allocated for additional procurement of medicines and medical products under appropriate directions. Within procurements, Crown Agents processed and carried out technical and comprehensive inspection of 131 offers from suppliers from 17 countries. The total number of companies-winners of tenders are 55, of which 31 companies are manufacturers, including 12 Ukrainian manufacturers. The active phase of supply has already begun.

Crown Agents is an international company with more than 185 years of experience in implementing projects in more than 100 countries, aimed at introducing lasting positive changes to vital areas for the people’s well-being and prosperity. Crown Agents has been operating in Ukraine for 20 years in such areas as governance, health systems strengthening, supply chain management and economic growth. During this time, based on international principles of social entrepreneurship and for the purpose of positive social impact, Crown Agents implemented in Ukraine more than 15 projects.

Crown Agents is currently working with:

  • Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, the State Service for Emergency Situations of Ukraine, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine, the State Agency for Management Exclusion Zone
  • European Union and European Commission
  • The US, the UK and Japan governments
  • World Bank and the EBRD

Ongoing projects Crown Agents in Ukraine:

  • The project “Harmonisation of public procurement system of Ukraine with EU standards”
  • The project “Assistance in social adaptation of ATO participants by supporting the Ukrainian team at the Invictus Games competition”Among the completed projects of Crown Agents in Ukraine are:
  • The project “Support to the reform of public procurement”
  • The project “Construction of a centralized repository for spent sources of ionizing radiation”
  • Audit of the EBRD public procurement procedures
  • The project “Support to public finance management reform”
  • The project “Procurement system for TACIS 96” 
  • The project “Assistance in procurement reform for Ukrnafta”
  • The project “Public procurement of medicines for the Oncology Programme for MoH Ukraine for the funds of state budget 2015”