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Supporting Angola’s improvement of medical equipment /

In FY2020, the Government of the Republic of Angola has received a grant of 300 million Japanese yen from the Government of Japan under the Japanese Grant Aid for the Economic and Social Development Programme to finance the provision of 4WD Ambulance to the Ministry of Health.

Crown Agents was appointed by the Government of Japan to be a procurement agent on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Angola.

Ambassador of Japan to Angola and Minister of Health of Angola

On 4 August 2023, a handing over ceremony for procured equipment 20 units of 4WD Ambulances was held in the city of Luanda, Angola.
The ceremony was attended by Minister of Health of the Republic of Angola, Ms Silvia Lutucuta, and Ambassador of Japan to Angola Mr SUZUKI Toru.

In Angola, the availability of treatment facilities for individuals affected with the novel coronavirus is confined primarily to urban locals. The dearth of medical service accessibility, particularly within rural regions inhabited by a substantial impoverished demographic, stands as an exigent concern.
This programme is anticipated to make a substantial contribution towards the enhancement of Angola’s infectious disease management protocols and the fortification of its healthcare and medical systems, achieved by means of furnishing 4WD Ambulances.

Ambulances procured under this Grant.

The Crown Agents Japan office was founded in 1967. Since 1987, we are a nominated procurement agent for Japanese ODA projects to governments around the world such as Angola.