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Who we are

We manage large programmes and projects to accelerate self-sufficiency and prosperity around the world.

We are a not-for-profit business which empowers leaders to accelerate self-sufficiency and prosperity for their communities, businesses, institutions and countries. These leaders could be heads of state or school teachers, global companies or local entrepreneurs, partners or donors.

We’ve been innovating since 1833, but we know the pace of change hasn’t always been quick enough. Today we’re investigating the potential of frontier technologies to help accelerate that change for our partners

We are proud to have been a reliable partner of the Ukrainian government supporting Ukraine’s development for over 25 years.

We are partners

We work with NGOs, donors and governments, to empower leaders to find solutions. Local concerns are at the heart of our approach. We create projects which have a life of their own, beyond our input.

We are ambitious

You have to be to secure 40% savings on Ukraine’s health procurement budget, saving money that can be used to treat more patients.

We are trusted

That’s why we’ve been described by a partner as ‘honesty for hire’. We invest in integrity because we understand the burden of risk.

We are support

We have been working with leaders in Ukraine to train and build their capacity so they can grow their communities and economies.